The Norwegian version of StartupTools has been live since 2017 (then launched under the name

19 December 2018

  • Added a new version of the shareholders’ agreement for companies with investors but no lead investor.
  • Added lots of explanatory comments in the founders’ agreement and the shareholders’ agreements, making them easier to read and understand.
  • Made some clarifications in the term sheet.
  • Lots of formatting updates to the shareholders’ agreements. Now it’s much easier to export to other formats.
  • Launched this international website, replacing many local StartupDocs.xx sites. Thanks Victor Ginsburg Müller for the design!

13 December 2017

  • First release, including:
    • Term sheet – Balanced and standardized, for seed round. Both VC firms, angel investors, entrepreneurs and lawyers have been involved in the process. Use this term sheet as the starting point for negotiations in your seed round.
    • Subscription agreement and shareholders’ agreement – Based on the term sheet. Everything you need for your seed round.
    • Founders’ agreement – Similar to the shareholders’ agreement, but adapted to a company without any investors, i.e. an agreement only between the founders. Also includes articles of association.
    • Guide to unit economics – A beginner’s guide to understanding customer value and costs: CLTV, CAC and cohorts
    • Employment agreement – Standardized employment agreements for all kinds of employments, even for hourly wage and for managing directors.