Employment Agreement

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One might think that employments is one of those few areas where standard agreements already exist. The law is pretty strict on what can and cannot be agreed between employer and employee, there are lots of legal precedent cases.

However, not even lawyers agree on what a normal employment contract (ansættelseskontrakt) looks like. To all employers, to all employees and to all labor lawyers out there – unite! We’re proud to present to you three different templates for Danish employment agreements:

  • Permanent employment (fastansættelse): This is the normal form of employment with monthly salary in Denmark, where the employee is hired for an indefinite period of time, usually starting with a probationary period.
  • Managing directors: Danish employment law is quite restrictive regarding employment conditions and terms relating to firing employees. However, in some cases exceptions can be made for managing directors. In those cases (verify if applicable!) you can use this template.
  • Hourly wage: If someone’s salary is irregular and based on the number of hours worked, this template may be useful.

As always, the information and documents published here are intended for general information purposes only. When using the documents, in case of doubt, always consult with legal expertise before signing.

/Erik Byrenius



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