The Finnish version of StartupTools has been live since December 2020, launched as a cooperation with

9 March 2021

  • In the Shareholders’ Agreements’ illustrative vesting tables, explaining good leaver and bad leaver, we updated the references to Key Persons.
  • Corrected numbering in some clauses.

18 December 2020

  • The Nordic seed investment standard on StartupTools has now been merged with the old standard. For simplifying document comparison and ultimately cross-border transactions within the Nordics, we’ve used the document templates from StartupTools and merged them with the core contents from investment documents.
  • This first release includes:
    • Term sheet – Balanced and standardized, for seed round. Both VC firms, angel investors, entrepreneurs and lawyers have been involved in the process. Use this term sheet as the starting point for negotiations in your seed round.
    • Subscription agreement and shareholders’ agreement – Based on the term sheet. Everything you need for your seed round.
    • Shareholders’ agreement without investors – Similar to the shareholders’ agreement with investors, but adapted to a company without any investors, i.e. an agreement only between the founders.
    • Guide to unit economics – A beginner’s guide to understanding customer value and costs: CLTV, CAC and cohorts.